Funds Recovery has a long history of recovering money for people who have been a victim of fraud. With the largest database of unregulated brokers, the firm has handled a wide variety of online fraud cases. Its services are focused on credit card payments, wire transfers, and crypto currency transactions. Clients appreciate their transparent process, and the fact that they can discuss their case with a lawyer before they make any final decisions. This is particularly beneficial for victims of scams that have caused thousands of dollars to disappear.

The company offers a standard range of financial recovery services, including asset restitution and debt consolidation. This is typical of these services, and the sales pitch is no different. The company has received several warnings from financial regulators, and its reputation for resolving cases has increased as a result. Its databases contain information about unregulated broker sites, so customers can avoid them. The company’s customer service department is available via email and telephone. It is possible to contact the company directly by filling out the contact form on their website. During the registration process, clients must provide personal information and details about their case.

The firm specializes in chargebacks, which are requests for refunds from online fraudsters. These requests are a powerful weapon against online scammers, and it’s important to know how to file a successful chargeback. The team at Funds Recovery works with clients of all backgrounds and has no shame in accepting any case. This is why they are so popular among customers. The company’s customer service department is available via telephone or email, and clients can contact them directly through the website. Upon registration, clients must provide their personal information and case details.