Among the common signs of an investment scam is a promise of high returns. However, higher returns usually mean a higher risk. Likewise, high profits do not necessarily mean a low risk. Before you invest your money, you should compare the risks of a particular investment scheme to those of other similar investments to make sure it is worthwhile. If you are unsure, contact an independent financial adviser. There are a number of ways to avoid investment scams.

Before investing your money, you should conduct your own research. Many of these scams involve high-pressure sales tactics. It is best to check links for safety before proceeding further. Don’t believe unsolicited investment emails. You should always conduct independent research before making any investment decision. Be wary of investments that are offered on social media platforms or dating apps. Also, you should never trust advertisements from celebrities. These are fakes and they rarely disclose their financial decisions in public.

Don’t invest your money with anyone who promises high returns. A scam artist will often offer returns that seem unrealistic or even unrealistic. Scam artists may also pretend to be from a reputable authority or develop a relationship with their victims. They may also ask you to download applications or software to access your bank account or credit card. These apps and software are not secure and can allow scammers to access your account. They may also offer a higher interest rate.